Advanced DDoS Simulation Consulting

Stressful develops an advanced cloud-based DDoS framework for testing DDoS defenses. We provide world-class DDoS simulation services to companies and enterprises.

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Professional DDoS Simulation at Scale. is a security startup that specializes in stress testing, load testing, and DDoS simulation against networks and cloud environments. Stressful provides world-class DoS and DDoS attack simulations for the latest attacks on the market. also develops the "Stressful engine”, an advanced DDoS simulation and stress-testing framework that runs fully on the cloud. Stressful uses its stress testing framework to provide world-class simulation services to companies and organizations for their critical assets.

Our proprietary technologies can scale to deliver as much traffic as required, with a wide range of sophisticated DDoS playbooks and modules that are following the latest trends in security researches.

As simple as that!How it Works

Client Request

The client requests an assessment with DDoS requirements.


Consultant verifies the client plan and initiates Stressful capabilities.

Attack Simulation

Attack established to simulate real-world scenarios.


Stressful Layer 7

Stressful develops a large number of modules for application-level attacks, including attacks against web servers, databases, network devices, and many.

Stress test

Stressful is fully cloud-native; it scales within the cloud environment to deliver as much traffic as required.

Real-Consumer Behavior
Stress test

Stressful engines can conduct real-consumer behavior stress tests with hundreds of thousands of clients per second.


Stressful runs by security consultants that have large expertise in the industry. All simulations are controlled and monitored.


Attacks can be customized by various characteristics and scenarios.

Offensive Security

Stressful follows the latest trends and research in offensive capabilities of attacks

stressfulPlaybooks & Modules holds dozens of attacks & techniques, including:

HTTP SlowPost Attack
HTTP Slowloris attack (GET)
HTTP Web Cache-Poisoning Attack
HTTP SlowLoris (Infinite Headers)
Amazon AWS Denial of Wallet Attacks
Microsoft Azure Denial of Wallet Attacks
HTTP/2 DoS Attack
HTTP DoS via Headless Browsers
WordPress Resource Exhaustion
HTTP Hash Collision Attack
HTTP Memory Exhaustion
Xerxes Attack
SOAP XML Quadratic Blowup Attack
SOAP XML Billion Laughs Attack
HTTP Keep-Alive Flood Attack
HTTP Unlimited Downloads
HTTP SlowPost (Infinite Uploads)
MySQL Resource Exhaustion